Friday, December 17, 2010

Glad Greetings Cottage

I wanted to share with you the latest little house that's going to market.

Isn't it amazing, and fun, to see what can be made from old boxes and things that would otherwise go in the trash?

The cottage is called Glad-Greetings because of the little girl on the support column and her Glad Greetings.

Made from a cardboard box, this little cottage has wood floors, fabric walls and a beautiful lace "wall paper border." It comes with handmade furniture.

There's a fireplace in the corner, with a hearth and a little pot made from Sculpey and wire.

Cork and wire make for good curtain rods, and lace always makes pretty curtains.

The sleigh style bed boasts storage drawers underneath, of course covered in sparkles and with dainty wire-and-bead drawer pulls.

The little window sill is big enough for sitting things on, perfect for a little fairy who lives in the woods and collects things.

A chinese take-out container was cut in half and then covered in fabric to make two beautiful wingback chairs.

The containers were unused and probably would have ended up in the trash were it not for The Scrap Exchange.

I put in a little Kelly doll to illustrate the size of the furnishings.

A clock and little dishes made from Sculpey have started filling in the cupboard, made from a little gift box.

I hope you enjoyed your tour!

Enjoy this day.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I love it! You are sooo creative...are you selling the little doll house?

I hope all is well with you and your family!


Lynn said...

I do take them to the farmer's market for selling! The little girls love them! Thanks, Robin! Hope you all are well.

Kathy said...

What a delightful dollhouse! I enjoyed the tour very much!!! I am looking around blogland for inspiration to decorate my cottage dollhouse. Thank you for a nice visit!

The Cardboard Crafter said...

I think I found your blog after your last post, and I thoroughly enjoyed going through your archives and reading every post. I wish you would continue the blog!

Julie said...

Love your blog! I love minis and you are so talented!!
Newest follower. :D

Tanya said...

Thank YOU for sharing. I stumbled on your blog here and then your website looking for homemade doll house ideas for my little 5 yr old princess. You are such a lovely spirit!!!

click here to see more said...

nothing wrong with doing it yourself!

glue for dollhouses said...

You know, this is just another example that a dollhouse doesn't have to be expensive or store bought. What happened to the days when we made stuff ourselves?

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