Monday, November 24, 2008

A Very Tall Chest of Drawers

I decided to make something for my princess! A very tall chest of drawers. She'll also have some new dolls tomorrow, as I stepped into a local toy store today and could not resist a family of wooden dolls.

Asian doll family

Match boxes are great for making furniture. Each drawer has a different little button for the drawer pull.

doll house chimney cupboard
The doll family admires the beautiful veneer on one side.

And then the other side. It is actually a few pieces of paper cut from some scrapbook material I have, glued into place and then covered with a coat of mod podge.

But what's this?

It's a little letter for my darling!

What does it say?

doll house letter
We're studying Roxaboxen right now and my daughter just loved our first reading of it tonight. This little letter will be a fun "find" for her tomorrow while I am at work. Her dolls can play Roxaboxen.

They'll need the pretty treasure.

roxaboxen treasures

Happy doll house playing,

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LW said...

This post touched my heart….
A note to meet at Roxaboxen.
What could be more magical, I loved that book..