Monday, December 15, 2008

Tiny Little Books

I want so much to make books with pages that will open and close. I need to surf around and find a place with detailed instructions and suggestions. Until that spare moment...

this little book was simply made by printing the cover from Hitty Print Minis and then cutting pieces of paper to fit inside, stacking them evenly and setting them right into the book on a strip of hot glue run right down the middle.

I will get better at this. You know how I love books.



Mommylion said...

I love your little books from this post and last.

Have you seen this tutorial? I believe it is from the same site actually, and it shows how to make a book with illustrated pages. Fun stuff. :)

Lynn said...

No, I had not looked at that yet. I must! If only I had more time to surf around and look at things. Thank you so much for point this out!