Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Allowing Children To Create

I love the way working with a doll house that's homemade brings out the creativity in children.

My daughter has made two items lately, totally by herself and not by my urging. First, a crib/playpen. It's made from a box that contained soap. The legs are tall wooden beads. It is trimmed in ribbon and rick-rack.

And a shower. The shower is pieced together from all sorts of things: a clear plastic box that contained who-knows-what, old ribbon, old lightweight wood left over from an airplane kit, and of course a condiment container. She even used a foam sticker as a no-slip pad in the tub.

Just have fun!


Rute Carla said...

Dolls houses... love them! And yours is really special. The little things you`ve made are great and with such imagination! Keep going!

Nikki said...

I love this! It is amazing to watch children create! I love it when they take the initiative make things on their own.