Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jennifer's Printables

I want to share a link I came across out there in blogland. Jennifer's Printables. You need to be sure and click on the button near the bottom that says "Visit My Doll House."



Tonya said...

Thanks for that site Lynn. I am excited and love the old pics. I have a CD set of old books that aren't copywritten and have the most lovely b & w photos of ladies and daughters etc. that I printed out. I am just dying for a few more great things to do with them!
Still having doll house fun!
Check out my blog, we have a cancer milestone!!
In Him

Shnaydo said...

I stumbled up on your site and have been SOOO inspired and excited to tap into your creativity and be reminded this can all be made and how FUN to do it that way!
I do so love your kitchen table! I'm new to dollhouse world but do share where you found it?

Lorelei said...

I also happened to stumble upon your blog and I love it!
I have 2 daughters (8 and 9 years old) and I have been looking to do something special with them.
After reading through your blog and looking at all the photos, I know this is it. This is definitely what I want to do with them!
It will be so magical and fun. I hope you don't mind me ripping off your idea :) And I have to say, this is 100% the most heartwarming and brilliant idea that I have ever come across.
Thank you so much!